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checklist picTo make sure you are best prepared for your stay we’ve compiled a list of essentials to bring to the hospital with you:

  •     Your admission/referral letter
  •     Any forms or documents that your cardiologist has requested

  •     Proof of your child health insurance or their medical card

  •     The name, address, and contact details of your child’s doctor (GP)

  •     All the details of any medication your child is currently taking as well as any special equipment that they need for their condition

  •     A list of any questions you may like to ask

  •     For Children Under Two Years Old: Nappies, wipes, soother, bottles, baby formula and any other products your child needs daily.

  •     For Children Over Two Years Old: Clothes for daytime and nighttime. Don’t forget , if you are staying in or near the hospital while your child is with us, you’ll                    need day and night clothes too.

  •     Toiletries for you and your child, if you are also staying.

  •     Any special toy that your child is used to having all the time

  •     A good book for you and your child. Waiting times in hospital can always vary so it’s a good idea to keep your mind off things by having a great story to read                        while you’re here.

  •     Do a check list of all the items you would normally bring for a stay away from home. This should help you remember all the essentials.

  •     Please note: The hospital is unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage to patient or family members belongings.

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