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Access to supports:

To apply for support with conducting research through the Children’s Clinical Research Unit (CCRU), please complete the attached application form and return to

The steps for review and approval of the application are outlined below:

1. An application for support is submitted, following which an initial validation review is carried out by the Research Programme Manager. At this stage, the applicant may be contacted to provide further information.

2. An internal feasibility assessment may be performed by the Research Management Team to determine the unit’s capacity and capability to support the study.

3. If the research study is not funded or has not already been peer reviewed, the application is referred to the Clinical Research Adoptions Group (CRAG), a group with members from the RIO management team and a broad representation of CHI investigators. The CRAG will determine the suitability of projects for support based on available resources.

4. All feedback and information is then forwarded to the Director of Research & Innovation (DORI) for sign off by the DORI, with input from the Research Management Team as required.

5. Applications may be referred for CCRU Oversight Committee review and decision where appropriate.

6. The final decision is communicated to the applicant. Where successful, a PI-agreement will be put in place.

CCRU Support Application Process V1.2 Small Size

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Applications are assessed based the following criteria:

- Feasibility of the study, with the following factors examined:
- Capacity to support the conduct the study, including the availability of staff resources or funding to expand capacity
- Capability in terms of expertise and access to facilities and clinical support services
- Risk relating to study participants, to the study targets being met and/or to CHI
- Potential impact on CHI clinical operations and facilities
- Overall robustness and quality of the application

Applications that are not funded and/or have not already been peer reviewed will be referred to the CRAG for review and feedback.

Where appropriate the Director of Research & Innovation may refer applications to the CCRU Oversight Committee for review. Criteria for referrals include:
- Significant risk and/or potential impact on CCRU resources and budget
- Significant risk and/or potential impact on CHI operations and facilities
- Conflicts of interest

To apply for support with conducting research at Temple Street, please contact

A CHI wide process will be rolled out later in 2021.

Review Schedule:

Applications should be submitted by the 1st Monday of each month. Where expedited review is possible, the unit aims to deliver a decision within one month.

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