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Children & Family

Message for Patients & Families attending CHI at Crumlin Orthopaedic Department

Update re COVID-19


Dear Patients & Families

The introduction of government restrictions for COVID-19 based on public health advice required CHI at Crumlin to defer all non-emergency spinal and orthopaedic operations. CHI at Crumlin are now planning to phase up services on an incremental basis. The plan to phase the increase in services has a number of dependent factors. 

We would firstly like to thank every individual person in their help to fight COVID 19, by staying apart we have been able to stay together.  With the guidance of the HSE we have implemented several changes in a bid to make the pathway to spinal surgery and general orthopaedic treatment open again, and safe for our patients, their families and our staff.

Fortunately the risk of serious illness from COVID 19 is much lower in children than adults, however, that risk does increase with anaesthesia and when recovering from a major operation.

Due to the fact that many surgeries have been postponed, the waiting list has been re prioritised to ensure those that need orthopaedic surgery the most are escalated. This list is re-assessed on a daily basis. For many, assessments will need to be re performed, and the ability for the hospital to cope with admissions is evaluated on a daily basis.

The hospital is also exploring with the HSE and the NTPF options in relation to holding extra outpatient clinics to assist with the longest waiting patients for outpatient appointments and we hope to be in a position soon to give you more detail in relation to this initiative.

We apologise for any inconvenience and stress caused, and thank you for your patience. Our staff are working very hard to ensure that each individual spine surgery and orthopaedic procedure occurs with safety at the first and foremost.  We are following all guidance from the HSE.

In the interim we advise our families to stay positive, and for our patients to stay active. Wellbeing during this time is so important.  Continue to participate in school and social activities within HSE Guidelines.  Keep a diary of activities to help you stay focused, walk run, cycle, and swim.  Routine is helpful for all of us to stay focused and keeps us positive.  We would like to tell you we have not forgotten you and we hope to see you all as soon as it is feasible and safe to do so.

If you have any further concerns or need to contact us:

Waiting list queries: 01 409 6126
Outpatient appointment queries: 01 409 6732
Repeat prescriptions/letters contact the relevant consultant secretaries on 01 409 6100
If you have a query related to your child’s spinal clinical care contact Clinical Nurse Specialist: 01 409 6024 1000hrs-1200hrs
Scoliosis helpline: 01 409 6877 0900hrs-1200hrs
Compliments, Suggestions & Complaints click here

Stay safe, wash your hands and practice social distancing.


Orthopaedic Team at CHI at Crumlin

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