Patient Advocacy and Support

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Our Patient Advocacy & Corporate Services Department (PACS) manages a range of information and communications services in the Hospital.

As part of our information services we manage all processes involving:




This service is available to all patients and their families who wish to provide feedback on their hospital experience. We welcome feedback and encourage you to make suggestions on how we can improve or simply tell us how we’re doing.

All the information submitted to the hospital through our Advocacy & Support Department is used to make improvements to our services so that we can continue to provide the highest standards of professional and clinical care.

We love to hear stories about how good your experience has been with us. But, we understand that not every experience is a good one, so we want to hear this kind of information too.

There are a few ways to can provide feedback to our Hospital:

You can speak directly to your nurse or doctor

You can email us directly at Be sure to state in the subject line of your email whether you are complimenting us, making a suggestion, or making a complaint.

You can come and visit us at the Patient Advocacy & Support Services Office which is located on the ground floor near the hospital chapel.

You can call us on 01 409 6715

Our door is open Monday – Friday between 09:30 and 17:00.

Once you have provided us with feedback here’s what will happen:

We’ll acknowledge receipt of your feedback

We’ll pass on your feedback to relevant staff members and departments

Though individual staff members often cannot personally respond to positive feedback know that we all appreciate it dearly. Positive feedback is one of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs.

We will consider all suggestions for improvement and where possible we will implement them as part of our ongoing efforts to maintain our best level of service.

If you file a complaint we will follow all established procedures to ensure there is a satisfactory follow up. This will include:

Responding to any formal complaint within the recommended 30 days of receipt.

Should the process of your particular complaint take longer we will inform you and keep you up to date.

We will continue to act on your behalf to ensure your complaint is managed professionally and appropriately.