Who you'll meet

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You’ll meet a lot of friendly people who’ll be here to take care of you during your hospital stay.

Once you’ve been admitted and brought up to our ward you’ll first meet some of our nurses. They might be staff nurses or you might meet one of our clinical nurse managers.

(Image of CNS Team)

After the nurses have chatted to you and helped to settle you in you’ll then meet your doctor. Your doctor will be in charge of your care while you’re staying with us. He or she will have a whole team of other medical and health professionals to help with your care and to make sure that you are ok.

(Image of Cardiologists and Cardio Surgeons)

Play Specialist

In fact, we have a lot of different people working in our hospital to take care of all the children and their families. If you would like to find out a bit more about the kinds of people that you might meet while you here then why not take a look at our WHAT WE DO section.

The story of SAMMY’S HEART OPERATION (British Heart Foundation) will also give you a good idea about the kinds of people you might meet during your visit to our hospital. You can download it here by clicking on the image.Sammy pic

Sammy’s heart operation is a resource for 7 – 11s who are having heart surgery. Designed to be used with a play specialist in a therapy session or at home with the family, the book tells the story of Sammy and his experience from pre op to after surgery. The book helps the reader understand the people they will meet in hospital, the tests they will have, what will happen on the wards and when they can go home.