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Message to Families updated May 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians, Children & Young People 

CHI continues to be open and safe to treat and support our patients and families.  However due to the currently national Level 5 Restricitions we will need to make some changes to appointments and admissions and will contact you directly about this.

Click here HSE advice on COVID19 FAQs

Outpatient Appointments scheduled for May 2021

CHI at Crumlin has had to reduce some (not all) outpatients appointments during May 2021 due to COVID19 restrictions and the need to restrict numbers of people attending the hospital.  You will receive a text or phonecall if your appointment has been postponed.  We apologise in advance for any postponement of your child's appointment and we will send out a new appointment for your child as soon as is possible.   

Consultants are reviewing their outpatient clinics each week  next week and if appropriate you may be contacted by the hospital (via text or phone) and offered a virtual consultation instead.

Elective Admissions scheduled for May 2021

CHI at Crumlin has had to reduce some elective admissions in May 2021. Please note all patients who are scheduled to be admitted will be telephoned and told if their child’s admission is still planned to go ahead.  We are happy to say that we are not cancelling all elective admissions and are doing our best to ensure the most clinically urgent cases are admitted. Prepare for your childs hospital admission here.

Radiology Appointments Update

Emergency Department is open 24/7

Our Emergency Department continues to operate 24/7 and if your child is very ill please bring him/her to hospital as guided by your GP or local health provider. We have measures in place to protect families attending from COVID-19.  Please wear face coverings when attending the hospital. The 3 children's hospitals in Dublin have joined together. So, if your child's medical team decide to admit your child to hospital, you may be transferred to one our of hospitals at Temple St or Tallaght depending on where a suitable bed is available. 

Please note the Emergency Depts are open at CHI at Tallaght / Temple Street including the Urgent Care Centre at CHI at Connolly.

Covid19 Patient Helpline

Crumlin patients helpline 9-5pm Mon-Fri 01 409 6117

Temple Street patient helpline 9-5pm Mon-Fri 01 878 4218

Restrictions in Visiting guidelines

To protect our patients/parents/guardians & staff only one parent/guardian without symptoms of illness is allowed to be with their child during their hospital admission or appointment. You can now alternate who stays with your child while they are in hospital.

Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, are a close contact or are awaiting a COVID-19 swab result. All visitors must wear a face mask at all times. Siblings are not able to visit and there is a robust Visitor Card system in place. While we understand that these measures will be difficult for some families, our priority is the safety of all CHI patients, families and staff.

Click here to send an Ecard to a patient

Visiting Cards System & Entry to the Hospital

One parent/guardian will be issued with a Visiting Card when their child is admitted and must present the card to gain entry to the hospital.  You can now alternate who stays with your child.  Entrance to the hospital is only via the Main Reception Door or Outpatients Main Door. All other entrances to the hospital are closed. Parents/Guardians can use the Package Care System to drop or collect items from families while in hospital.

Click here for Parent information Abnormal Coughing in Children Video/leaflets 

COVID-19 Tests

Message for GP's : The Paediatric Emergency Department (ED) at CHI Crumlin cannot accept referrals for purpose of COVID testing and only performs COVID tests for children who require hospital admission. Children should not be referred to ED for the purpose of obtaining a COVID test. The PEM consultant on service can be contacted via hospital switch if there are queries arising from unusual or specific circumstances.  

Message for Families : At the moment during COVID-19 we are carrying out COVID-19 tests on some children who require elective admission.  This will be discussed with you before your admission.  You or your child cannot enter the hospital until after the result of the COVID-19 test is given to you. 

Click here for directions to the Drive Thru COVID-19 test centre at CHI at Crumlin.

Wash your hands

We have hand sanitisers placed in all clinical areas and at entry points to the hospital.  Please use them regularly when attending the hospital and on entry and departure. Stay safe, wash your hands and adhere to physical and social distancing guidelines.

Face Coverings

Coming to visit us? Children over 13 and their parent/guardian should wear a face covering when attending any of CHI's emergency, outpatients, admissions/day ward departments. Face coverings are not required for children under 13 unless clinically advised. Face coverings help prevent people who do not know they have the virus from spreading it to others. Learn more here.

Physical Distancing when attending the hospital

We have introduced a walk on the right system within the hospital corridors to ensure physical distancing of 2 meters. Please adhere the to the social distancing markings in the hospital where appropriate.

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Blood Tests click here

Education Service

The Hospital School is running Education Service for patients, providing support on educational matters and assist with school work. Click here to learn more. 

Resources for Families

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