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The team consists of consultant Dr. Beatrice Nolan and three doctors in training. When Dr. Nolan is away Prof. Corrina McMahon, Consultant Haematologist looks after the service. At weekends Dr. Nolan, Prof. McMahon and Dr. Melanie Cotter take turns to look after the patients who are in hospital.



There are three Clinical Nurse Specialists looking after you/your child’s care – Ms. Mary Kavanagh, Ms. Imelda Kelly and Ms. Caitriona Ferry. Ms. Bridin Brady is the Pharmacovigilance Nurse who looks after home treatment. Ms. Catriona Winters looks after the outpatient clinic.


Medical Social Worker (MSW)

The MSW can offer advice on parenting, child welfare and child protection concerns. He/she can also advise about benefits and advocate for community supports and services. Parents or older children can ask to see the MSW at any time.



There is a Paediatric Psychology Service available to Haemophilia and Allied Bleeding Disorder patients. The Psychologist provides a service to children and young people aged 0 to 18, their parents and families where there are psychological issues related to acute or chronic aspects of their medical condition. The psychologist can provide assessment, intervention and consultation and works with the medical team to provide support and advice around psychological issues. The aim of the service is to help increase children’s and families’ coping and prevent associated psychological difficulties. Referrals to the Psychologist can be requested by the team.



Musculoskeletal (joint and muscle) health is assessed by Paula Loughnane, Physiotherapist, at clinic visits. Education is provided on sport, exercise, injuries and bleeds. The Physiotherapist is also available to assess children and adolescents who experience musculoskeletal bleeds, injuries and pain. Personalised rehabilitation programmes are designed in partnership with the child or adolescent. Referral to the Physiotherapist can be requested by the team.



The Dental Department in CHI at Crumlin aims to provide oral health assessment and necessary treatment for children with Haemophilia and Allied Bleeding Disorders. When the team are notified of a newly diagnosed child, we aim to assess his/her needs and either offer an appointment here in CHI at Crumlin or refer to our dental colleagues in primary care. We offer treatment under local and general anaesthesia in Crumlin when necessary. The team works closely with the haematology service in order to help patients get the best care as close to home as possible. The team also works with the adult dental service in St James’s Hospital to help young people keep up good dental care as they become independent adults.

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