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If you’re coming to the Cardiac Unit at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital to have a procedure, you’ll be visiting one of our wards. In our Cardiac Unit we have three wards:

PICU (link to page shared with Parents)

CHC  (link to page shared with Parents)

DAY WARD (link to page shared with Parents)

OUTPATIENTS (link to page shared with Parents)

We have a range of spaces in the Children’s Heart Centre where young adults and teenagers can play, make new friends, and relax. If you’re staying with us, you might like to be introduced to other patients in your age group who are also staying on the ward. Making friends with others sharing a similar experience to you can help to put you at ease during your treatment.

If you have arranged for friends and family to visit while you are here you can spend time with them in one of the sitting rooms or visitor spaces located throughout the ward.The are a number of seating areas dotted around the hospital for those looking for a quiet spot to sit, relax, and maybe read a book. The cardiac ward has its own brightly coloured, relaxing, hideaway. This seating area offers comfortable armchairs and a floor to ceiling window with views out over the city. It’s the perfect place to take some time out by yourself or with friends.

You’ll also have access to our Play Specialist who can organise activities for you and introduce you to other teenagers staying on the ward. Don’t forget to ask one of our ward nurses about the availability of DVDs, game consoles, or activities that you can take part in with other teenagers and young adults on the ward.

We also offer a range of clinical support services that you can avail of while you are here. Use the button below to see the list of available services. If you would like to make an appointment for any of our clinical support services, simply ask any member of your care team.

(Button link to clinical support services available)

In the cardiac unit, we treat a range of different heart conditions and our staff perform a variety of tests and treatments. Use the buttons below to find out more.

(Button link to Conditions We Treat)

(Button Link to Tests & Treatments)


The Children’s Heart Centre is located on the third floor of the hospital. To get here, you should go past the main hospital reception desk, take a left and at the fish tank, and look for the lift. Use the lift to reach the third floor where you will find the cardiac Day Ward.


Our nursing team will be at the forefront of your care while you are staying in our Heart Centre. Our nurses work closely with all the other members on your care team including your cardiologist.

However, should you have any questions or queries about your stay on our cardiac ward don’t hesitate to let a senior member of our nursing staff know. The staff who work directly on the Heart Centre wards include a Clinical Nurse Manager 1 team, a Clinical Nurse Manager 2, and Clinical Nurse Facilitator.


You can find the full details of our visiting guidelines and regulations on the main hospital website by clicking HERE.

Parents and guardians are welcome to visit the ward at any time.

Visiting hours in the Children’s Heart Centre run from 8 am – 9 pm daily.

Under no circumstance should you visit the Children’s Heart Centre if you have, or have recently been in contact with someone who has had, any kind of suspected infectious complaint e.g. measles, diarrhoea, vomiting, sore throat, flu. If you are unsure, please contact the Clinical Nurse Manager before arriving at the hospital.


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