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When you arrive at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, you will first need to check in at The Admissions Office. Our Admissions Office is located on the ground floor adjacent to the shop. You’ll probably have received some instructions with your admission letter but don’t be afraid to ask at our reception if you are unsure of anything.

Don’t forget, if you are running late on the day for any reason, it is best to call and let us know. Otherwise, there is a risk of long delays to your child’s admission and in some cases you may risk having your child’s admission cancelled.

Our Admissions Officer will ask you for any relevant information that you will have been asked to bring. This information will include basic details about your child, evidence of your child’s medical insurance, or their Medical Card. See our WHAT TO BRING section for more details.

The Admissions Office will then contact your child’s ward to confirm whether or not their bed is ready. This is where a good book for you and your child may come in very handy. When the wards are very busy you may be asked to wait while the ward prepares properly for your child’s admission.



Once your child’s bed has been confirmed you will be directed to their ward where you will meet either our Clinical Nurse Manager or a Staff Nurse. Our nurses may have further questions to ask and they will perform some minor examinations such as taking your child’s vital signs. These simple examinations are a standard part of our full hospital admission process.

Most of all, though, our nurses will be doing whatever they can to make your child feel welcome and comfortable. They will do their very best to help your child settle into the ward as soon as possible. This will include bringing your child to their bed, chatting to them and offering your child helpful information that will put them at ease. They’ll also show them how to locate our dedicated play areas where they’ll get to meet our Play Specialist. Information about bathrooms and our range of parent’s facilities, such as our special breastfeeding room, will also be discussed at this time.

It is good practice to maintain as many normal routines as possible while in hospital. At times, you may have to work these routines around your child’s treatment and care but when you can you should try to stick to daily routines such as nap time, play time, and story time as doing so can significantly reduce stress and anxiety for your child.


Once settled in you will then meet members of your child’s clinical team. Now is the time to ask any questions you have put together. During this meeting, one of our doctors will perform a physical examination of your child. Afterwards, they may then send your child to another department, such as our x-ray department, for further examination.

To get a better understanding of the kind of medical and non-medical staff you may meet during your stay in hospital please visit our MEET THE TEAM section of the website.

There you can find out all about the range of staff dedicated to your child’s care. You’ll be able to browse individual staff profiles and in our WHAT WE DO section you’ll find brief descriptions about the kind of job each staff member performs.



Our nurses will care for your child day and night while they are on the ward.

Our doctors will visit your child at some stage every day to continually monitor their treatment and to make decisions about their care. The doctor who visits your child may not be your consultant cardiologist, but you can rest assured your cardiologist is kept constantly up to date about your child’s condition.

Try to plan the visits of family and friends so that they are spread out over the course of the stay. To help you make a good visitor plan please see our VISITOR’S GUIDELINES.

If your child is placed in isolation everything you and your child may need will be provided for in your room. On admission, one of our nurses will tell you how to access everything and show you all the facilities available to you.


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