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St Johns BMT ward

- is located on the ground floor of the hospital, at the far end from the emergency department
- the HSCT and CT ward is an annex attached to St John’s main ward. It has four single, rooms which are specially adapted rooms to protect children from infection while their immunity is lowered during allogeneic transplant.

HSCT and CT Day ward

- The HSCT day ward and St Johns day ward are located adjacent to St Johns inpatient ward
- The HSCT day ward runs an ambulatory nursing and medical planning and review service caring for children and their families pre and post HSCT and CAR T cell therapy
- Children may also attend St John’s day ward for procedures such as bone marrow examinations, lumbar punctures or infusions of certain medications (such as intravenous immunoglobulin), blood products or chemotherapy if required pre and post HSCT or CAR T cell therapy

Survivorship/Late Effects Clinic

- located on the 3rd floor of the medical tower
- run on a monthly basis in the Haematology Oncology Outpatients HOOPs’ clinic
- provides an out-patient based service to co-ordinate the monitoring of children’s health after HSCT and CAR T cell therapy

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