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The CCNE Classroom Management System allows you, the learner, to: 
  • Access the catalogue of CCNE programmes

  • Review programmes: content, dates and locations

  • Express interest in an upcoming programme

  • Request enrolment onto programmes

  • Access programme resources

  • Access your individual ‘Learning Record’ and programme certificates. This will update automatically as you complete programmes

Programme Enrolment

It is essential to enrol yourself onto a programme in advance of attendance.

How to access the Classroom Management System for CHI Staff:

1. Login to or click HSEland and register/update your profile if necessary

Edit Profile

2. Click on ‘Course Catalogues’, see image below

Course Catalogue

3. Click on the ONMSD icon, see image below.


4. Click on the CCNE icon (Children’s Health Ireland), see image below

CCNE Ireland

5. Click on the CCNE icon (Staff of CHI), see image below

Staff of CHI

6. Finally, click on the CCNE icon of the hospital where you work

7. You can review the list of programmes or use the search bar, see image below

pic 7
8. You can now review and request enrolment onto your programme of interest by following the instructions

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