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Visiting Restrictions

Your Child is An Inpatient

Two parents/guardians (without symptoms of COVID-19) will be issued with Visiting Cards when their child is admitted and must present the cards to gain entry to the hospital. Both parents/guardians are allowed to be with their child at the same time during their hospital stay. Unfortunately siblings are unable to attend the hospital at this time in the place of a parent/guardian.


Your Child is Attending our Emergency Department, Outpatients or Day Case Settings

To protect our patients/parents/guardians and staff only one parent/guardian without symptoms of COVID 19 will be allowed to be with their child during their hospital visit/appointment to ED, OPD or Day Care. Unfortunately due to space limitations in these settings, we are unable to facilitate two parents/guardians at the same time. Siblings are not able to visit and there is a robust Visitor Card system in place. 

Exceptions will always be considered as previous, under compassionate or special circumstances.

Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, are a close contact or are awaiting a COVID-19 swab result.


Visiting Times

- Normal Visiting times are between 0800hrs - 2100hrs daily. 

- The above time restrictions do not apply to Parents/Guardians staying in the hospital overnight.

- Visiting is restricted during times of quiet periods for patient rest, mealtimes and cleaning of rooms.

- Visits outside of the normal visiting times should only take place if there are special circumstances and this is agreed with the Clinical Nurse Manager in charge.

- Visiting is restricted in all Paediatric Intensive Care Areas and you should contact the child’s parent/guardian directly who will consult the Clinical Nurse Manager.

- To prevent the risk of infection to children in hospital, all individuals are prohibited from visiting if they are suffering from or have been in contact with any kind of suspected infectious complaint e.g. measles, diarrhoea, vomiting, sore throat, flu. If there is any such risk the individual must first consult with the Clinical Nurse Manager in charge on the ward before visiting a child.


Parents / Guardians

- Parents/Guardians may visit every day and are encouraged to spend as much time as possible with their child while he/she is in hospital.

- Parents/Guardians should indicate to the Clinical Nurse Manager in charge the identity of likely visitors their child may receive.

- CHI at Crumlin recognises that sometimes both parents/guardians need to be present overnight but only one parent/guardian is permitted to remain in the patients room.  The other parent/guardian can avail of Parent Accommodation on site.

- Child patients can only leave their ward once accompanied by a Parent/Guardian. The Parent/Guardian must inform the Clinical Nurse Manager in charge before taking a child patient out of the ward.


Child Visitors

Please note that this guideline is currently on hold to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

- Young children aged 16 years or under must be accompanied by an adult. This adult is responsible for the control, care and safety of the visiting child/children. Young children must not be left unsupervised.

- It is not permitted for children under 16 years of age to supervise a patient in the absence of a parents/guardians.

- Child visitors are limited to two persons at any one time.


Relatives / Friends / Carers

Please note that this guideline is currently on hold to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

- Brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, carers and significant friends of the child, may visit for short periods of time at the discretion of the Clinical Nurse Manager in charge on the ward.

- Where the patient lives in residential care or has special needs, carers and teachers may play a very big role in their day to day care.  Decisions with regards to visiting needs will be made on a individual basis with the Clinical Nurse Manager in charge.


Dignitary and Celebrity Visitors

Please note that this guideline is currently on hold to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

- Please contact the Site Manager on duty or the Communications Office if your visit is official business on 01 409 6100.


Media Visitors


Hospital Rules and Regulations

Each visitor to the hospital is obliged to:

- Be aware of Child Protection Guidelines.

- Adhere to Infection Control Guidelines 

- No flowers or plants are allowed in patient rooms due to Infection Control guidelines 

- Be responsible and keep their children under control if they are visiting

- Be responsible for the safety and security of their personal belongings

- Comply with any requests by Hospital staff to leave the patient’s room, to facilitate the patient’s care and treatment.

- Not to sit or lie on patient beds.

- No pets are authorised on site with exception of guide dogs and dogs staying with Cian's Kennels a visiting service to CHI inpatients in St John’s Ward.

- Not visit Isolation Rooms without permission from Clinical Nurse Manager.

- Any hot liquids taken outside the coffee shops/canteen must be in a suitable container with a lid.

- No hot liquids will be permitted in the clinical rooms. 

- Parents/Visitors are requested to visit the parent room on the ward if they wish to have a hot beverage.

- Not to access unauthorised areas.

- Not visit while under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.

- Be advised that in the interest of promoting patient privacy that all recording mobile devices, cameras, camcorders, laptops should not be used within the clinical and general out patient areas unless by prior arrangements with the Clinical Nurse Manager in charge.

- Always consider other patient’s needs for rest and privacy.

- Help keep the hospital clean and inform staff of any cleaning concerns.

- Be polite and courteous to all Hospital staff and others while in CHI at Crumlin.

- Observe confidentiality – Visitors may see or hear things of a private and confidential nature.

- The hospital is a no smoking campus since November 2014. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the hospital grounds.

- Respect the CHI at Crumlin Visiting Guideline.


Your co-operation in these matters will assist in the safety of all patients who attend the hospital.

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