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Spinal Surgery - Scoliosis

CHI sincerely regret that children and their families are experiencing long waiting times for their appointments.  While the majority of children are seen within a 12 month period, we recognise that too many are waiting too long for their appointments and we are making every effort to reducing these waiting times.

The introduction of government restrictions for COVID-19 based on public health advice required CHI at Crumlin and Temple Street to defer all non-emergency spinal operations. CHI at Crumlin and Temple Street are now planning to phase up services on an incremental basis. The plan to phase the increase in services has a number of dependent factors. 

Children's Health Ireland (CHI) cannot comment on individual cases. Maintaining a client’s confidentiality is not only an ethical requirement for CHI, it is also a legal requirement as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) along with the Data Protection Acts 1988-2018.  When a client or family makes personal information public, this does not relieve the Hospital of its duty to preserve/uphold client confidentiality at all times.

In 2019, following a substantial investment in CHI, 190 Spinal Fusions were carried out. Approximately 20% of patients on the inpatient waiting list are waiting for a scoliosis procedure with 80% of children waiting for general orthopaedic procedures. CHI is a cross-city team of paediatric consultants who will deliver services at Crumlin and Temple Street and encompasses the evolving role of the Paediatric Outpatient and Urgent Care Centre at Connolly which is part of the overall vision for a cross city paediatric orthopaedic service in CHI.

Message to Families re MAGEC Rods Review 2 April

Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) received notification today from the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) of a safety field notice today by NuVasive, stating HPRA and the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) are reviewing the MAGEC Rod system in Ireland and the UK. All healthcare providers are being instructed not to implant any MAGEC Rods in their patients until this review has been completed. 

CHI at Crumlin can confirm that it will fully comply with this safety notice and will not insert MAGEC Rods in children undergoing scoliosis surgery. We will await further advice following the HPRA and MHRA review.  CHI at Crumlin has not inserted MAGEC Rods in Children since November 2019.

CHI at Crumlin would like to reassure families that they will continue to closely monitor all our patients who have had a MAGEC Rods inserted.

CHI at Crumlin have met virtually with the Scoliosis Advocacy Groups and discussed any of their concerns.  Our dedicated telephone continues continue to be in place for parents/guardians only who have queries in relation to their child’s scoliosis related treatment/surgery at Crumlin.  Tel: 01 409 6877      Mon – Fri: 9.00am to 12.00 noon

Message to Families re MAGEC System Model X - 28 February 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians

CHI at Crumlin can confirm that it has completed the review of clinical records and x-ray images of the small cohort of scoliosis patients who received Magec System Model X rod after March 2018 were affected.

All patients who have a had a Model X rod implanted since March 2018 and whose serial number is noted on safety field notice, have now received a telephone call from their Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who explained all the issues involved and dealt with any of their understandable concerns.    We also wrote to all other patients who have had a magec rods implanted at Crumlin to inform that they were not affected by this field saftey notice. 

Each of these patients records have been reviewed and no adverse events or concerns have been identified.

CHI at Crumlin will continue to monitor all patients who are undergoing treatment for scoliosis and will act accordingly with any new information on the MAGEC Rod system.  

A dedicated telephone line continues to be in place for parents/guardians only who have queries in relation to their child’s scoliosis related treatment/surgery at Crumlin.

Tel: 01 409 6877      Mon – Fri: 9.00am to 12.00 noon

As the number of patients who had had a Model X rod implant since March 2018 is small we can not provide that figure as by doing so could potentially identify individual patients.  CHI can confirm that Crumlin are the only paediatric healthcare provider that uses the MAGEC System Model X Rods.

Our dedicated telephone line for scoliosis patients continues to operate for patients who are undergoing treatment in CHI at Crumlin - see below for details.

Yours sincerely

Orthopaedic Team at CHI at Crumlin

Update on Orthopaedic OPD:

Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin is working to reduce waiting times for children attending its orthopaedic and scoliosis services with additional investment from the HSE. All outpatient patient referrals to the orthopaedic spinal service at CHI are reviewed and clinically prioritised by a consultant. These patients are seen in order of clinical priority. Most patients are seen within 12 months.  An additional 800 OPD appointments were given to patients in CHI at Crumlin in 2018 compared to 2017 which led to a 31% reduction in the overall orthopaedic outpatient waiting list.

In 2017 some patients on the scoliosis surgery waiting list availed of the HSE’s offer of having their surgery abroad (UK or Germany) which came about as a result HSE Action Plan May 2017 for Scoliosis.

Click here to find out about Moira Gill and her family's experience in Germany

Patient phoneline:

CHI at Crumlin has a dedicated telephone line in place for parents/guardians only who have queries in relation to their child waiting for scoliosis related surgery.

Tel: 01 409 6877      Mon – Fri: 9.00am to 12.00 noon

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