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When your child is in hospital, either staying in for a while or attending out-patient clinics or the Emergency Department, we have some information below that will be useful for you in relation to safe use of their medicines.  If you have any questions about your child’s medicines anytime please contact your local pharmacy or the pharmacy in the hospital or the contact which your child’s team has given to you.  People or departments in the hospital can be contacted by ringing the main hospital number and they will be able to connect you.  

Your child’s medicines in hospital: 5 ways to stay safe

When your child is staying as inpatient in hospital, there are some things that you can do to help keep them safe. 

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5 questions to ask about your child’s medicines

Whenever you meet your child’s nurse, doctor or pharmacist these are five questions that you can ask them to give you a better understanding about how to give the medicines safely

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5 questions to ask about my medicines

Your child or young person might like to ask their nurse, doctor or pharmacist some questions about their medicines.  Using this leaflet they can write or draw any questions they might have.

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Keeping your child safe in the Emergency Department or Urgent Care Centre

When your child attends the Emergency Department or Urgent Care Centre these are some important things to help keep them safe

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