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Filming and consent:

This page concerns the consent needed to film, photograph or interview a child at Children’s Health Ireland (CHI). The Communications Department at CHI is responsible for ensuring that whenever children/adolescents/families or staff are photographed, filmed or interviewed at CHI there is full written consent to do so from the parents or legal guardian, and where appropriate from the child themselves.

Parents and families:

Communicating via the media with the children, young people and families we look after with the general public our donors and supporters is an important part of our work. We frequently receive requests from media wanting to film or take photographs in the hospital to help us promote the work we do at CHl. No children will be involved unless their parents or legal guardians agree. A member of the Communications office will explain exactly what the photographs, footage or interview will be used for. If you have any questions about any of this please contact us. If we wish to re-use a photograph or film footage, we will ask your permission again. However, if the photos or footage are taken by an outside organisation we will not be able to control re-use. We can discuss with you whether this would be the case.

Media Queries:

CHI Communications is responsible for managing all media relations at all the Children’s Health Ireland sites. This includes media enquiries relating to the hospital's services, staff, patients and research activities. Communications is the first point of contact for any media enquiry or visit to the hospital. The team aims to remain informed about hospital initiatives and can provide guidance to media on appropriate hospital spokespeople for media stories or offer advice or direction to complement a story idea.

We are positioned to reach staff quickly to discuss stories and arrange interviews where staff are consenting. We can also approach patients and their families to seek their involvement in a story.

In order to film, photograph or interview a child at CHI you must receive written consent from their parent or guardian, and if appropriate from the child themselves. If you would like to use your own consent forms you must first discuss them with the communications office so we can make sure they are suitable. If you would like to talk about any of these issues you can contact the CHI communications office.

Patient Condition Checks:

CHI cannot comment on individual cases. Maintaining a client’s confidentiality is not only an ethical requirement for the Hospital, it is also a legal requirement as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) along with the Data Protection Acts 1988-2018. When a client or family makes personal information public, this does not relieve the Hospital of its duty to preserve/uphold client confidentiality at all times.

CHI documentaries:

We are happy to discuss proposals for documentaries at CHI, however please note we receive many requests of this nature and may not be able to help you. Ongoing filming requires a written agreement to be signed between CHI and the production company, which will bind the production to our strict consent procedures. If you would like to film at any of the CHI hospitals or urgent care centres as part of a documentary, programme or series, please contact the press office to discuss feasibility.

Media Contacts:

During office hours 0900-17000hrs Monday to Friday. Email your Media Query here or Tel : + 353 (0)87 402 4940. This mobile number cannot accept queries by text message/SMS. We will not be in a position to respond to requests for waiting list or other CHI statistics/data after 4pm on Fridays and will respond where appropriate during normal work hours. Out of Hours Urgent Media Service Contact + 353 (0) 87 402 4940 - This phone number cannot accept queries by text message/SMS.

Email contacts for CHI Communications Division:

Communications queries for all CHI hospitals - CHI at Tallaght, Connolly, Temple Street & Crumlin

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