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Children & Family

COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Parents/Carers of Children and Adolescents 12 years and over at all stages of treatment in the National Children's Cancer Service, including Haematopoetic Stem Cell Therapy and CAR-T cell therapy

Patients at all stages of treatment, including Haematopoetic Stem Cell Therapy and CAR-T cell therapy, can have the vaccine, as per the HSE guidelines. Following registration on the HSE portal, vaccinations will be administered by the HSE at local centres with the following exception:

Any patient with a history of a severe allergic reaction to PEG (polyethylene glycol), as in PEG asparaginase for example, should discuss vaccine administration with their medical team in the first instance. Vaccinations for such patients should be administered in a hospital setting as arranged by the medical team.

Any patient receiving the vaccination should ideally have a platelet count of ≥ 20 x 109/l and a neutrophil count of ≥ 0.5 x 109/l.

Please contact your child’s medical team if you have any further queries.

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