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Message for Parents/Guardians:

To assist with social distancing during COVID-19, Urgent/Essential GP patient referrals for bloods to CHI at Crumlin are being carried out in BOTH CHI at Crumlin and CHI at Connolly, Outpatient and Urgent Care Centre in Blanchardstown.  Our expert team in the CHI Phlebotomy will aim to take these tests in a way that is as painless as possible.

Parents/Carers: for GP bloods appointments, please click here to book an appointment for a blood test for your child in CHI at Crumlin

Parents/Carers: for GP bloods appointments, please click here to book an appointment for a blood test for your child in CHI at Connolly

All patients and families should bring their GP blood test form/letter with them to their appointment.

For patients and families attending OPD clinics and who have a CHI at Crumlin blood test form/letter, you do not need to make a separate appointment.

Please note you can attend for a Blood Test in CHI at Connolly even if your GP Referral Letter says Crumlin. Click here for directions to CHI at Connolly

If there is no availability in CHI at Connolly you can also get your GP Referral blood test taken in CHI at Crumlin if there is an appointment available on Swiftqueue.

Message for GPs

- Urgent GP referrals for Blood Tests should be sent to CHI at Connolly until further notice *except for Ammonia, Lactate, ACTH and PTH – These referrals should continue to be sent to the Phlebotomy Department in CHI at Crumlin and patients can use the online booking system listed above.

- This interim service has been implemented to assist with social distancing in our clinics. GP's will be informed via Healthlink when this procedure changes and referrals can return to CHI at Crumlin.

- Blood samples taken in CHI at Connolly will be sent to CHI at Temple Street's Laboratory each afternoon for processing.

- Blood results will be issued to the referring GP by CHI at Temple Street within the appropriate timeframe.

- Please ensure GP contact details are submitted in the request letter.

Thank you for your co-operation - Phlebotomy Department in CHI at Crumlin.

Please note:

- All children must be accompanied by one parent / guardian when coming for a blood test

- If you or your child is currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 please contact your GP before attending for your blood testClick here for COVID-19 symptoms.

- We look after children, young people and adolescents aged 0 - 16 years old only

FAQs about Blood Tests

Does my child need to fast?
How are blood tests taken?
How do we get the results?

Does my child need to fast?
The doctor sending you for the test is the only one who can advise you if the person having the test needs to fast and for how long. (Some of the tests that require fasting are: Fasting Glucose, Fasting Cholesterol/Lipids or Oral Glucose Tolerance Test)

Your doctor will advise you of anything else you need to know.

How are blood tests taken?
The expert who takes your blood is called a Phlebotomist. The procedure is called venepuncture. The Phlebotomist will call you into the testing room. They will identify you and your child and confirm name and date of birth. The Phlebotomist will confirm the blood tests that are required based on the request on the form and will explain the procedure to you and your child.

Then he/she will draw the blood from the vein (the venepuncture). They will put pressure on the point of the vein that the needle was inserted into, to stop any bleeding, make sure your child is okay and then you are able to leave.

How do we get the results?
The results of the blood test will be sent to the doctor who ordered it. This could be your GP or a Consultant in the hospital. The staff in the Phlebotomy Department have no access to the test results and will not be able to give you any information on the test results.

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