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2 October 2012




Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin wishes to apologise to the patient and family for this error and for the distress and upset it has caused them. 

Following this incident, which occurred in April 2010, the hospital reviewed and implemented improvements in its practices.

As a result the booking and coding process for this surgical procedure has been improved to remove any ambiguity.

The hospital would like to reassure the public that it has robust systems and procedures for the management of surgical patients and a Correct Site Surgery Policy is in place.

The hospital provided the Medical Council with all information sought prior to the Hearing. The hospital was not invited to participate in any part of the Hearing and therefore did not have an opportunity to respond directly to any concerns expressed to, or by, the Medical Council regarding the hospitals policies or procedures. 

The hospital will consider in full the findings of the Medical Council Fitness to Practice Inquiry when they are published and respond accordingly. 


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