What We Do

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The Paediatric Psychology Department works alongside the medical and allied health professionals at Children's Health Ireland (CHI) at Crumlin. Clinical Assessment helps to identify how the child and family are managing to cope and any potential psychological problems. Assessment can be done by meeting and talking with children and families and using standardized psychological assessments, which are questionnaires or tests that are designed specifically for use in these situations. Specialist psychological interventions are also available to manage the impact of illness on the child and family. Interventions also sometimes involve working with the child’s medical team to manage psychological aspects of their care. Areas where interventions are often useful include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient interventions for behavioural and/or emotional difficulties in children, their parents and siblings that have arisen from their illness or treatment or that affect their treatment

  • When there is poor adherence to treatment

  • Where there is anxiety and distress associated with medical procedures, such as having blood taken, injections, operations etc.

  • Where there is trauma, depression, anxiety or physical symptoms associated with psychological distress

Psychological therapies can include cognitive behaviour therapy, behaviour therapy, narrative therapy, ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and family therapies.

We attend multi-disciplinary team meetings where relevant patients’ information is shared and therapeutic intervention plans are drawn up.  We liaise with support services in the Community i.e. GP, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), Social Services, Public Health nurses, Schools and local Hospitals. 

We also provide support and forward information on specific paediatrics conditions to local Clinical psychologists working with patients in the Community.  Also, lectures and formalised educational sessions are provided frequently to groups within and outside of the hospital. We also help older adolescents make the transition to adult hospital services through liaison and preparation.