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Psychologist in Clinical Training
Our Children's Health Ireland (CHI) at Crumlin provides training placements for Psychologists in Clinical Training. These trainees are psychologists who are completing a three-year, doctoral level, structured training course in clinical psychology through a University. Psychologists in Clinical Training work within the hospital for a period of 5 to 12 months under the supervision of a Senior Clinical Psychologist. For more information on undertaking traineeships at CHI at Crumlin please contact your clinical coordinator who can then contact the Head of Psychology.

Voluntary Assistant Psychologist
A Voluntary Assistant Psychologist is typically a psychology graduate with a Master’s degree in an area of psychology and interested in further pursuing a career in an applied area of psychology, such as Clinical, Counselling or Health Psychology. Under the direct supervision of a Senior Clinical Psychologist within the hospital, the position of Voluntary Assistant Psychologist gives invaluable work experience in the area of Paediatric Psychology.  

Research Assistant
The position of a Psychology Research Assistant is designed for individuals wishing to gain research experience, with the hope of pursuing a career in the area of Clinical Psychology.  This position is suitable for Psychology students with a good knowledge and understanding of research methods, and relevant experience within the area.  Research assistants are allocated to a particular research project, under the supervision of a Psychologist from the Department.