COVID-19 Advice to Cardiac Families

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Message to Cardiac Patients regarding COVID-19

April 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians

There is no indication that children with congenital heart disease are at any higher risk from COVID-19 infection over others. Children with congestive heart failure (on furosemide medicine) are more prone to becoming symptomatic with respiratory tract infections but COVID-19 is not thought to be any more significant than many other common viral infections in the community for children.

Our message to our patients is still one of reassurance. We will help see our cardiac patients through this challenging time.

For now, defence against COVID-19 relates to minimizing exposure. Click here for HSE information on how to protect you and your family.

Update on Appointments

We are continuing to review urgent out-patient appointments when appropriate in a safe environment. Non-urgent out-patient reviews are being deferred at this time for patient safety.

Update on Cardiac Surgery

The cardiology and cardiothoracic teams are continuing to endeavour safe and timely heart surgery for our patients and significant efforts across the hospital are currently in place to ensure this. Every patient on the heart surgery waiting list has been individually reviewed by their surgeon and their paediatric cardiologist. We will be communicating by mail with families directly over the coming days on their infant or child and the plans to provide them with the safest care at this time.

What if my child has symptoms?

If you are worried about your child with symptoms and an underlying active heart condition (for example, unrepaired heart disease), please follow the HSE advice on contacting your GP, local paediatrician or local hospital.

Please click here for CHI at Crumlin's information on COVID-19 for families

CHI at Crumlin COVID-19 Helpline

If you have a general query related to COVID-19, CHI at Crumlin have set up a helpline Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm on (01) 4096117.

If you have a specific clinical query, please continue to contact the cardiac department in the usual manner. Due to the large volume of calls, please allow us some time to get back to you. Click here for contact details.

We continue to advise families to seek medical care appropriately through the same channels as before (your GP, your emergency room, your clinical nurse specialist, your local hospital) and not to avoid or postpone review if concerned.

Dr. Terence Prendiville
Chairperson, Cardiac Services

On behalf of the Children's Health Ireland Cardiac Team