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If you have a friend or family member who is a patient staying in our hospital, send a message of encouragement with a free Children's Health Ireland Ecard. Your Ecard will be electronically sent to the hospital and received by our Communications Staff who will print out and deliver the Ecard to the inpatient. Ecards are delivered in 1-2 business days.

  • We cannot deliver Ecards to patients in our Emergency Department, patients attending outpatients/ radiology or discharged patients.

  • The content of your Ecard message will be seen like a postcard by staff members of CHI and should not contain private or confidential personal or medical information.

  • We reserve the right to not deliver Ecards containing inappropriate content. To protect patient privacy, we are unable to confirm whether a patient is in our hospital, therefore we can not confirm that your Ecard has been delivered.

  • Your email address is required for security reasons to complete the Ecard but will not appear on the Ecard and will not be used for any other purpose by CHI.

  • All feedback regarding our Ecard system is welcomed click here

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