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Advice for families on Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

CHI at Crumlin have resumed outpatients appointments activity. Please attend for your outpatient appointment as normal unless the hospital have contacted you directly to change your date.

For Parents/Guardians: Help us to keep you safe while attending the hospital

Telephone: 01 4096130 or Email Outpatients Department

Outpatients waiting list office email click here 

What to expect at your outpatient appointment during COVID19?

Updated 8 June 2020:

  • Please follow the instructions on your appointment letter on how to enter the hospital (either main OPD Car Park Entrance or Main Hospital Reception Entrance)

  • Prepare your child before your visit – the hospital may look different to them and some staff maybe wearing masks and gowns which may make their medical teams difficult to recognise.

  • Wash your hands with hand gel provided on arrival

  • Only one designated parent/guardian allowed with a child at anytime - no siblings

  • Do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment time

  • Check in at the reception desk and you will told where to wait

  • Adhere where possible to the social distancing markings of 2 meters

  • If you or your child is currently self-isolating please contact the hospital before attending for your appointment. Click here for further details.

  • Our aim is to get you seen to as quickly as possible so please do not move away from the waiting area you have been told to wait in to ensure quick turnaround at your appointment

  • In some areas and extreme cases where social distancing can not be adhered to you and your child will be offered face coverings to wear

  • The hospital shop is not open however there are vending machines a coffee shop for urgent needs.  You should bring a snack for you child if appropriate.

  • Some trauma orthopaedic clinics are being held in CHI at Connolly - please ensure you bring coins for the car park in Connolly or use the car parking app

  • Once your appointment is finished please leave the hospital at the nearest exit and wash your hands on departure.

Stay safe, Wash your hands.

General information on Outpatients:

Over 80,000 children attend the Outpatients Department at CHI at Crumlin every year.

  • An outpatient, in most cases, will be referred to the hospital by their family doctor (GP) or local Consultant. Doctors and other health care professionals typically see patients in a clinic room, similar to the ones at your local GP surgery. 

  • The length of time you will stay in outpatients will depend on who you are seeing and whether any tests or procedures are needed that day. 

  • Once your child has been seen by everyone they need to see, they can go back home.  

  • Some specialties may arrange for a further visit to a ward for treatment. This is known as an 'admission' if staying overnight, or a 'day case' if they go home the same day.

  • Your first appointment with the doctor is called a new appointment and any further appointments are called return appointments.

This section is designed to help you prepare for your child’s outpatient appointment and explain what you can expect to happen during your visit.

My child has been referred - what happens next?

  • You will recieve notification that your referral to this hospital has been accepted.

  • When an appointment date is available you will be notifed by post with an appointment date and time.  

  • You will receive a text message reminder of your appointment time and date a week beforehand.

What to expect at your appointment

  • Please follow the instructions in your appointment letter of when and where to arrive for your appointment. 

  • Only one designated Parent/Guardian to attend with their child. Please click here to further details on visiting restrictions and updates related to COVID-19.

  • Bring a list of questions that you may wish to ask the doctor at your appointment.

  • You may be sent for other tests during your appointment, eg x-ray, blood test etc. 

  • Make sure you understand what the doctor or team has told you regarding follow up treatment. 

You cannot attend your appointment

  • If your child does not attend their appointment and you do not tell us beforehand, you could put your child’s health at risk and make other children wait longer.  Approximately 10,000 patients do not attend their appointment each year which means 10,000 children could have been seen by a doctor. 

  • If you Do not attend your appointment without notifying us you may be discharged back to your GP or moved to the bottom of the Outpatient Waiting List in line with hospital policy.

  • Telephone : 01 4096130 or email OPD

Rescheduling appointments

  • In exceptional circumstances the hospital may have to reshedule your child's appointment.  If this happens the hospital will arrange a new date for your child as soon as possible. Please note that the hospital cannot reimburse you for any costs incurred as a result of a change in appointment date.

Blood Tests

Please click here for further information on Blood Tests

Hospital Facilites

Private Clinic

The Private Consultant Clinic is run separately to the hospital. If you wish to make an appointment in the Private Clinic please contact: