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Message to Families updated 02 June 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians, Children & Young People

The following information is still in operation at CHI at Crumlin. We continue to update the hospital website and communicate with families as appropriate to provide you with the most up to date information and updates on the opening and incremental increase in services.

Click here for Information for CHI Patients from Departments

Inpatient and Outpatient appointments

Click here for updates regarding Radiology Appointments

Children's Health Ireland (CHI) are postponing public and private outpatients appointments and non urgent inpatient and day case (medical and surgical) activity at Crumlin, Connolly, Temple Street and Tallaght Hospitals until further notice. Some critical areas will remain open and these families will be contacted with specific details. This includes appointments and virtual clinics (assessment by telephone call) for some OPD appointments, these patients will be contacted by medical staff. Only come to your outpatient or admission appointment if you have been contacted directly by the hospital team.

We are putting these restrictions in place in the interest of patient safety as part of the COVID -19 response. We appreciate that this is a difficult time for patients and their families and we are working to provide services in a different way where possible.

Emergency Department is open 24/7

Our Emergency Department continues to operate 24/7 and if your child is very ill please bring him/her to hospital as guided by your GP or local health provider. We have seen a reduction in patients attending so please attend Emergency if your child is very ill. We have measures in place to protect families attending from COVID-19.

Blood Tests

Only urgent/essential blood tests for patients will be carried out until further notice. Urgent/Essential GP referrals for bloods to CHI at Crumlin are being carried out in CHI at Connolly, Outpatient and Urgent Care Centre in Blanchardstown. Click here to book a blood test at CHI at Connolly.

Radiology Appointments

The Radiology Department in Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin remains open on a case-by case basis. All planned outpatient and day-case imaging is being reviewed weekly by our consultants in conjunction with your child’s consultant. Our radiology administration team will contact you in the days coming up to your appointment date to let you know if your child’s planned imaging will go ahead or be deferred. We are following all infection control guidelines issued by the hospital and are working hard to make plans for every patient that meet both their imaging needs and their Covid-19 safety needs. Please contact our Radiology reception team on (01) 4096666 with any queries.

Restrictions in Visitor guidelines

We have strengthened our visitor guidelines to help protect our patients. Only one parent or guardian without symptoms of illness is allowed to be with their child at anytime. One caregiver will be allowed only if a parent or guardian is not available due to illness. Outpatient visitors should not bring siblings or other family members.

No general public allowed to visit the hospital.

Visiting Cards System & Entry to the Hospital

Each parent/guardian will be issued with a Visiting Card when their child is admitted and must present the card to gain entry to the hospital. Entrance to the hospital is only via the Main Reception Door. All other entrances to the hospital are closed including outpatients door. Parents/Guardians can use the Package Care System to drop or collect items from families while in hospital.

Patient Care Package Desk

Due to visiting restrictions we have introduced a Patient Care Package Desk at Main Reception to facilitate the collection and drop off of items for families that you know are staying in the hospital.  Click here for further information.

Education Service

Our Lady's Hospital School  are running a remote Education Service for patients, providing support on educational matters and assist with school work. Click here to learn more. 

Restrictions for Families staying overnight in Accommodation Unit / Ronald McDonald House

Only one parent or guardian without symptoms of illness will be allowed stay overnight at the hospital at any one time in any of our parent accommodation facilities. This includes accommodation in our Ronald McDonald House and also on site Parents Accommodation Unit Floor 2. No siblings or other family members will be permitted to stay in our overnight accommodation during COVID-19. This restriction has been put in place so that if one parent/guardian became ill and showed symptoms of COVID-19 that the other parent/guardian could stay with their child.

Physical Distancing when attending the hospital

We have introduced a walk on the right system within the hospital corridors to ensure physical distancing of 2 meters. Please adhere the to the social distancing markings in the hospital where appropriate.

Are you self-isolating?

It is important that if you or a member of your family is self-isolating you should contact the hospital before attending. Please read below FAQ's information for further advice.

Resources for Families

Click here to view resources for patients, parents/guardians and families 

Family COVID-19 Helpline - 01 4096117 9-5pm Mon-Fri

Wash your hands

We have hand sanitisers placed in all clinical areas and at entry points to the hospital.  Please use them regularly when attending the hospital and on entry and departure. Stay safe, wash your hands and adhere to physical and social distancing guidelines.

Thank you for your co-operation - CHI at Crumlin Corporate Management Team

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Coronoavirus FAQ’s

Should I still attend for my appointment / admission?

All outpatient appointments and non urgent admissions or day cases have been postponed until further notice

A limited number of patients have been contacted by the hospital directly and told to attend their outpatient appointment and or admission/day case. Do not attend unless you have been contacted by the hospital.  We are not resheduling appointments at present until further HSE advice and are only seeing urgent and essential care patients.

If you or your child is currently self-isolating please contact the hospital before attending for your appointment / admission for advice.

Reasons for self-isolating can include:

For specific questions relating to your child’s ongoing treatment / condition please contact your child’s medical team directly.

Do you have Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Crumlin?

We do not discuss patient’s condition at the hospital and do not provide this information in order to protect confidentiality.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

All up to date information and advice to our families is available on the HSE website, click here

What if I think my child has Coronavirus (COVID-19) or had symptoms?

Please visit the HSE website, and follow the links to Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Click here for HSE advice for children and parents during COVID-19

What are the affected areas of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Click here for the detail on the HSE website,

What should I do if I have been to an affected area or been in contact with someone who may have had Coronavirus?

Please visit the HSE website, and follow the links to the page titled: If you’ve been in an affected area or in contact with a confirmed case, click here. and How to Self Quarantine

Temporary relocation of services at CHI at Tallaght
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