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Breastfeeding and expressing milk for your premature baby or sick infant

Copies of this booklet are available in all the Expressing Rooms in CHI at Crumlin

Breastfeeding and Expressing for your Premature or Sick Baby

How to establish and increase your milk supply when pumping 

The following video link provides information on how to establish and increase your milk supply when pumping

Hand Expressing 

The following video demonstrates Hand Expression

A Mother's Story 

Jans Story 2018

Skin to Skin Contact 

The following video demonstrates how to do Skin to Skin Contact

Expressing Assessment Tool (EAT) 

A guide to help you know when expressing is going well. Your nurse will provide you with a copy of this and use this guide with you daily.

Expressing Assessment Tool (EAT) Mothers Version 2018

Expressing Log

Keeping track of your milk supply, helps when establishing and maintaining your milk supply

Expressing Log Book

Are you using the right size breast shield for expressing ?

Choosing your Personal Fit Breast Shield Sizing Tool

Guide for washing and sterilising your expressing equipment

Guide to washing and sterilising

Support and Information Session 

Could you be a human milk bank donor?

Could you be a human milk bank donor?

Instructions for use Medela Symphony breastpump

A video on how to use the Medela Symphony breastpump

Click here to watch video

How to rent a hospital grade pump

How can I rent a breast pump while my baby is in CHI at Crumlin?