We have a new name - Children's Health Ireland at Crumlin

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Children’s Health Ireland

We are proud to announce that our new name is Children's Health Ireland at Crumlin. 

Children's Health Ireland is the new entity which now governs the three chidlren's hospitals in Dublin.  The hospitals have now amalgamated and are called Children's Health Ireland with hospital sites at Crumlin, at Temple Street, at Tallaght.

Over the next few months you will see our new logo and notepaper rolled out on our campus and in our communcaiton to our patients and families and our service users.  Its buisness at usual and we are still in the Crumlin location so no change in location for your appointments.

We are also introducing a new patient administration system that encorpate all patients on the three CHI hospital sites.

Children's Health Ireland was formed with the enactment of the Children’s Health Act 2018 (No 27 of 2018) in November 2018 and part-commencement providing for the establishment of Children’s Health Ireland on 4th December 2018, headed by a 12-member Board appointed by the Minister for Health, to take over responsibility for services currently provided by Dublin’s three children’s hospitals and run the new children’s hospital in due course.

The first Board meeting of Children’s Health Ireland was held on 14th December 2018 and the three Dublin paediatric hospitals transferred into this single public body on 1st January 2019.

Children’s Health Ireland is chaired by Professor James Browne and led by the CEO, Eilísh Hardiman.  Children’s Health Ireland is the client for the new children’s hospital.  It will ensure that the hospital is designed to enable future paediatric services to be delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.