RTÉ News films Aoife’s Clown Doctors at OLCHC

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“Laughter is the best medicine”

RTÉ News films Aoife’s Clown Doctors at OLCHC


On Friday, 27th September, 2018 Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin was delighted to have RTE News filming Aoife’s Clown Doctors doing one of their rounds on the Children’s Heart Centre ward.

Please click here to see RTÉ News video clip

Aoife’s Clown Doctors Ireland have been bringing laughter and light to children, families and staff in OLCHC since 2014.

According to OLCHC’s Director of Nursing, Tracey Wall, “The therapeutic effects of laughter in a paediatric hospital setting cannot be underestimated. Aoife’s Clown Doctors can change one minute of our children’s worries into 60 seconds of happiness. They can add a special moment in time where children and their families are able to laugh and smile which in turn lifts their spirit - as well as the nurses and other staff who care for them. 

Their unique programme, full of fun and frolics provides great distraction to our children and families during times of illness and anxiety. It gives the child a chance to engage with imaginative role play, helping them to forget for a little while how ill they might be. The whole hospital benefits from Aoife’s Clown Doctors - patients, families and staff.”

About Aoife’s Clown Doctors Ireland: 
Aoife Hendrick was an oncology patient in OLCHC who sadly passed away in August, 2012, having just turned 5. She had only been diagnosed 4 months earlier with leukaemia.  In 2014, as part of Aoife's legacy, Aoife's parents Aine and Adrian Hendricks, set up Aoife's Clown Doctors Ireland as entertainers who go into the wards of OLCHC, to bring some fun and smiles to the families there. She has fundraised for and funded the service since then.  

For further information, please see Aoife’s Clown Doctors Ireland website: