Celebrating National Breastfeeding Week at OLCHC

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Celebrating National Breastfeeding Week at OLCHC
‘Every Breastfeed Makes a Difference’

1st - 7th October, 2018

Breastfeeding week picTo celebrate National Breastfeeding Week, OLCHC’s Dietetic Department in collaboration with the Breastfeeding Committee and Breastfeeding Champions have launched a number of online resources for Mum’s breastfeeding and expressing, available on the hospital’s website at http://www.olchc.ie/Children-Family/Breastfeeding-/.

Speaking about National Breastfeeding Week, Regina Keogh, Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist, OLCHC said “We are delighted to be celebrating National Breastfeeding Week again this year, the theme of which is "Every breastfeed makes a difference". This is especially true in a children's hospital where mothers provide breastmilk at times when they are really worried about their child's health. That's not easy. We know that breastmilk is the optimum milk for any baby but in a children's hospital the benefits for baby's immunity is so important. The staff in OLCHC value breastmilk feeding and support mothers to provide breastmilk and get babies off to a good start.”

Tracey Wall, Director of Nursing, OLCHC added, “We are proud to celebrate National Breastfeeding Week 2018 with all the Mums and babies here in the hospital. OLCHC is committed to supporting Mums and babies with meeting their breastfeeding goals. We were delighted to introduce PumpPals - ‘Support Kits for Breastfeeding Mums’ to the hospital during the Summer, a unique initiative created by Jan Martin, whose son was a patient here”.

The following programme of events has been organised to mark the week in OLCHC:

  • OLCHC’s Breastfeeding Champions: A poster presentation featuring Mum’s and babies breastfeeding success stories in the hospital. These are available to view on OLCHC’s main corridor.
  • Monday, 1st October and Thursday, 4th October, 12-30-2pm: Information stands outside the canteen, where Mum’s, families and staff can meet a Multi-disciplinary Team of nurses, dietitians and speech and language therapists to answer any breastfeeding queries.
  • Tuesday 2nd October, 2-3pm in the Children’s Heart Centre: a celebratory coffee afternoon for all parents and staff.

Every Tuesday from 2.45-3.30pm, OLCHC hosts a weekly support group and information sessions for Mums who are expressing milk for their infants in the hospital. Please contact the Dietetic Department for more information.

In addition, the Centre for Nurse Education (CCNE) provides lactation specific study days in OLCHC three times per year for all members of the healthcare team. The annual breastfeeding masterclass, enables experienced staff and breastfeeding champions to remain updated and ready to support parents and families during their time in OLCHC.

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