A new Electronic Record for Patients at CHI

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New Electronic Document Management System called Evolve

Message For Parents, Patients and Families

Children's Health Ireland (CHI) is introducing a new Electronic Document Managmenet System called Evolve.

  • Evolve will firstly operate in CHI at Connolly to support all General Paediatric outpatient appointments as part of the roll out.

  • If your child has previously attended either CHI at Crumlin or Temple Street, your child’s healthcare record will have been scanned in advance of their General Paediatrics appointment in CHI at Connolly.

What does Evolve mean for you and your child?
  • This new Paper-Lite system will facilitate the sharing of patient healthcare records across all CHI locations. This allows clinical staff to see your child’s previous medical history contained in their healthcare records

  • If you attend CHI at Crumlin or Temple Street following today’s appointment in Connolly, healthcare staff will now be able to access all of your child’s healthcare records on the Evolve system.

  • All patient information from today’s appointment and any future attendances will be included in your child’s digital healthcare record.

We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time as we upgrade and adjust to using this new system.