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The Department of Clinical Genetics (DCG) provides a public genetic service to referring clinicians for patients and families in theRepublic of Ireland affected by, or at risk of, a genetic disorder.  It is estimated that European populations have a 6%-8% lifetime prevalence of having a rare disease, the majority of which are genetic. DCG provides public diagnostic services for a broad range of hereditary disorders and, because of the familial nature of genetic disorders, serves both adults and children.  The Department comprises three integrated divisions:

  • Clinical Genetics                 

  • Cytogenetics                                               

  • Molecular Genetics             



The remit of DCG is summarised in its Mission as follows:

  • Providing a quality clinical and laboratory genetic service for families, adults and children, in Ireland affected by or at risk of a genetic condition.

  • A service which is a hub of a national network providing multi-disciplinary clinics, and state of the art laboratory genetic testing.

  • A service which provides training and education in genetics for health professionals from all backgrounds.

  • A service with a strong research focus.

  • A recognised Centre of Expertise for rare disorders, with international partnerships in reference networks.


Quality Management and Accreditation:

Both laboratories participate in the external quality assessment schemes run by the United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service (UKNEQAS), Cytogenetic External Quality Assessment Service (CEQAS) and by the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network, EMQN.  Copies of the results of these external quality assessments are available on request. 

Both laboratories were accredited by CPA(UK) Ltd from 2009-2014 and are in the process of transitioning to accreditation standard ISO15189, with inspection by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB). 

For more information please contact the DCG Quality Manager, Adam Dunlop (adam.dunlop@olchc.ie).