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Under Department of Health Guidelines, there is a daily charge of €75, subject to a maximum payment of €750 in any period of 12 consecutive months.  It should be noted that this charge is applicable to all semi-private patients without exception.  In addition, maintenance charges in respect of semi–private and day-care accommodation are charged €933 and €753 respectively. 

The hospital operates a Health Insurance Direct payment scheme.  Forms must be completed prior to discharge, in order to have accounts submitted directly to the Insurance Companies.

Under Department of Health Guidelines, all patients attending the Emergency Department, are charged an attendance fee of €100.00

Non-EU Resident Visitors

Where a person is deemed not to be “ordinarily resident” in Ireland, the full economic charge for urgent necessary treatment, will be applied at the current rate.

Road Traffic Accidents Cases

The Health (Amendment) Act 1986, requires the hospital to levy charges at the full economic cost upon a person, who has been the victim of a Road Traffic Accident.

Emergency Department:  €100 Statutory Charge. RTA A&E charge €200.
Inpatient: €75 per day as per Department of Health Guidelines. (Maximum statutory charges payable in a rolling twelve month period is €750)

Maintenance charges are applied at the prevailing full economic cost. (Private and semi-private charges also apply where applicable)

Statutory Charge Exemptions

  1. Medical Card holders (on proof of current card).
  2. Children up to the age of six weeks
  3. Members of the Defence Forces and their dependants.
  4. Persons receiving services in respect of prescribed infectious diseases.
  5. Temporary visitors to Ireland from another EU Country on presentation of an EHIC Card is entitled to hospital services as a public patient without charge
  6. GP referrals accompanied GP letter to the Emergency Department.
  7. Children suffering from the following diseases: Mental handicap, Mental Illness, Phenylketonuria, Cystic Fibrosis, Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, Haemophilia, Cerebral Palsy.